Kelsey & Tucker August 2012 


Tucker March 2013

Pet Therapy Program

Prior to being diagnosed Kelsey had been begging us for a black lab puppy.  For 3 years in a row it was the #1 item on her Christmas list.  Since we already had a dog we told her no.  After she was diagnosed and made it out of Mayo we told her that as soon as she was strong enough she could get her black lab puppy.  On August 18, 2012 a 7-week old puppy named Tucker came to live with us.  

Kelsey loved Tucker dearly and her desire was to have him trained to be a pet therapy dog so they could go to area hospitals and schools together and tell her story to others.  She passed away before that could happen, however we have decided that Tucker should become a pet therapy dog as she had wanted.

He completed his beginning obedience training on April 8 and later this year will begin his pet therapy training.  After he completes his training he will take his certification test and then will be available for visits.  

Please check back later to learn how you can request a visit from Tucker.